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"I started seeing Lauren five years ago for acupuncture, which she does with a unique approach combining needles and essential oils. Over the years since then our work together has expanded to include Reiki, Tarot, tuning forks and other modalities, which Lauren integrates in intuitive and creative ways. She holds the treatment process with healing energy and openness, and has been an essential part of my self-care during an important time of transition and transformation. I am particularly grateful for the combination of both groundedness and connection to spirit she has brought to our sessions. Lauren has helped me to fortify these in my own practice. I look forward to seeing where our conversation goes from here!"

-M.M., Performance Maker and Somatic Movement Educator

"My AcuTarot session with Lauren was amazing! The flow of the session was so intentional, from the Tarot reading to the essential oils to the acupuncture treatment. Lauren is a skilled healer who truly knows how to guide people towards accessing their highest selves. I left feeling grounded, renewed, and relaxed. It was like a mini retreat!"

-A.M., Entrepreneur

"I found Lauren after being diagnosed with premature ovarian failure/insufficiency. My menstrual cycles were beyond irregular and I was told by fertility clinics that I was not a candidate for IVF. Lauren helped me process the emotional pain of this diagnosis and provided me with the most loving and nurturing care to help regulate my health and cycles. I began having healthy menstrual cycles shortly after seeing her and within four months of beginning our work together I conceived my son naturally. I continued working with Lauren throughout my pregnancy, which was easy and free of morning-sickness. She is a true healer and brings magic, knowledge, and loving compassion to every session." 

-K.E., Educator

"I've been seeing Lauren for about five years now for chronic back pain and can't recommend her more. I especially appreciate the time that she takes to explain what the treatments are doing, why she is choosing them, and how they layer on top of each other to provide the support I need. Her holistic approach to healing has really helped keep my pain manageable and in check."

-B.H., Librarian

I have been a client of Lauren’s for two years now and every single session has brought me clarity and comfort. I started seeing Lauren for in-person acupuncture sessions pre-pandemic and switched to virtual healing sessions in March 2020. I feel just as connected, heard and fulfilled from our online experiences as I do from our in-person appointments. Our virtual healing sessions are a safe space for me to share and receive. Lauren is so incredibly warm and gifted as a healer. Her expertise regarding acupuncture, tarot and aromatherapy are both life changing and life-enriching. She is such a light and guiding force in my life and I’m so grateful for our time together! 

-L.B., Teacher

"My sister recommended I see Lauren to help with some anxiety surrounding reproductive issues.  When I finally agreed to try acupuncture with Lauren, I only wished I had started seeing her sooner.  She helped me feel physically great throughout my entire pregnancy, and was also a mental sounding board for all of the other anxieties in my life.  Lauren hears everything you say and finds a way to work through it with you through acupuncture and her general guidance. I feel extremely comfortable opening up to her.  While I started seeing Lauren for reproductive reasons – I will now continue to see her indefinitely for my everyday wellness and whatever life throws my way!"

-H.F., Salesperson


I have been receiving Lauren's healing care for just over 10 years now. Lauren's compassionate and empathetic treatments are truly transformative on all levels. Each session is unique. With an experienced and intuitive approach she generously shares her ever-deepening knowledge through the beautiful integrative work that she does- it is pure magic. I have woven many of her insights and practices into my own, and am more grounded, mindful and open as a result.  Lauren is an innovator in her field and a gifted healer - I am incredibly grateful for her! 

I.G. - Dance Instructor

"I can't recommend Lauren's services enough. Working with her has been life changingly beneficial for my healing journey and 2 years later remains the most uplifting, reliable, nourishing, and balancing cornerstone of my self love & care. Thank you for everything Lauren!"

-A.F., Life Coach and Breathwork Facilitator

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