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I  began practicing Reiki in 2002 and earned my Masters degree in acupuncture in 2007 from Tai Sophia (now known as Maryland University of Integrative Medicine). I attended births as a doula for a decade while completing acupuncture school and as my practice grew.  In 2016 I began serious study of essential oils and began using them in my practice and teaching on the subject.  In 2018 I began integrating Tarot with Chinese medicine and created AcuTarot. In more recent years I have undertaken serious study of astrology, which finds its way into the treatment room often as well.  I am a lifelong learner and my practice will always evolve to reflect that.


My sessions are informed by the wisdom of Chinese Medicine, Five Element Theory, Western Astrology and depth psychology, as well as the cultivated strength of my own intuition.  A natural teacher, I share my insight and intention through treatments to encourage energy shifts to root deeply in my client's consciousness and continue to unfold in the days and weeks beyond each session. 

Outside of work you can find me enjoying my two young children with my partner.  I enjoy live music and dancing, reading and learning, connecting with friends and honoring the cycles of life and Nature with ritual.  I maintain a regular meditation practice to support me through all of life. 

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.  My calling is to be a deep listener, a compassionate and acknowledging witness, here with encouraging words and a reminder of the big picture when you get lost.  I aim to provide assistance through the sticky parts of life, and I am ultimately here to celebrate the many rebirthings and refinements along your path as you evolve into your truest Self. As a  playful and loving dancer with the Divine in each Soul I attend, I am here to support the awakening, embodiment and evolution of your Spirit.

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Special Interests

I have a particular passion for supporting clients struggling with mental and emotional health, in major life transitions, and those wishing to attend to the callings of their Soul.  I utilize trauma-informed care to support clients with depression, anxiety, PTSD and other mental health challenges.  The majority of my continuing education has focused of psychology and mental and emotional health for the past decade or so.

I also have a wealth of knowledge and experience in women's reproductive health.  I am skilled in addressing menstrual difficulties, fertility enhancement, treating concerns and supporting wellness through pregnancy and caring for postpartum and menopausal women.  I attended births as a doula for a decade and, while no longer serving in that capacity, I draw on the wisdom of those experiences in supporting my clients. 

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